Lam Rim 

Teachings based on the text "Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand" by Pabongka Rinpoche taught by Geshe Jampa Tharchin each Monday 7pm at Chandrakirti Centre


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Teachings based on the text "PRESENTATION OF TENETS" by Jetsün Chökyi Gyaltsen taught by Geshe Jampa Tharchin during weekend course 24th & 25th Sep 2016 at Chandrakirti Centre


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Holy Objects one day teaching

A one day teaching by Geshe JampaTharchin at Chandrakirti Centre - November 29th 2014


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Heart Sutra

"Commentary on the Heart Sutra, Jewel Light Illuminating the Meaning" by Tendar Lharampa. Teachings by Geshe Jampa Tharchin


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Chenrezig Mani Retreat

A weekend teaching by Geshe JampaTharchin at Chandrakirti Centre April 25th to April 27th 2014


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"Explanation of the Presentation of Objects and Object Possessors as well as Awarenesses and Knowers" by Pur-bu-chok 
taught by Geshe Jampa Tharchin at Chandrakirti Centre


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The Wheel of Sharp Weapons

Teachings based on the famous text by the great yogi Dharmaraksita taught by Geshe Jampa Tharchin at Chandrakirti Centre


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Seven Limb Prayer

Weekend teaching by Geshe Jampa Tharchin at Chandrakirti Centre on Saturday 27th April and Sunday 28th April 2013


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The Two Truths

Easter weekend teaching by Geshe Jampa Tharchin at Chandrakirti Centre on Friday 29th March to Monday 1st April 2013


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