Nalanda Hall

people sitting facing altar

Nalanda Hall was named and opened by His Holiness the Dalai Lama on 29 May 2002 and is our meditation temple. Sitting in a grove of trees high on a ridge, with views out over the surrounding gardens and the western mountains, Nalanda Hall is the focal point of the Centre's activities. The building combines traditional Tibetan architecture with modern design and serves as an education centre for Buddhist studies, a gathering for regular meditation groups and a wonderful environment for hosting visiting teachers.Photo of Guru Rinpoche statue at the Gompa




We have Twenty One life size Tara statues adorning the walls of  Nalanda Hall. The statues were made in Nepal and are very exquisite all dressed in their silken brocades. Tara is the energy of swift accomplishment and success in all ones virtuous works.

We welcome you to view the 21 Taras and the new and impressive Guru Rinpoche statue.